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Teleport's battery swapping system lowers operations cost, minimizes environmental impact and enables increased utilization of shared electric scooters and bikes.

We are looking into having a standardised battery format, and other options to reduce the charging effort and effort to handle batteries over their lifecycle. The technical proposal as well as the business model from Teleport Mobility is a solution that if scaled in the markets where we operate could be a game changer for Pony and the shared micro-mobility business.

Loïc Pinel
Head of Hardware, Pony SA

Teleports open-source approach sets the bar high for the industry on Safety & Sustainability. A shared, independent energy network could unlock the possibility to scale micro-mobility infrastructure globally.

Simon and his team have a very interesting offer and we are happy to be working with them on evaluating their system for our fleet.

Fredrik Hjelm
CEO & Founder, Voi

Europe as a market will surely demand local production of hardware and global standards for batteries as Micromobility expands. The Teleport solution is a great fit in these aspects.

We are happy to be working with Teleport both on battery manufacturing, vehicle integration and on a 2021 operational pilot.

Kristjan Maruste
CEO & Founder CoModule

We built our own battery swap system, but our vision was to participate in a shared global network. This is a huge opportunity to get standards right from the start. We're focused on the cost savings for ourselves in the short-term, but it is very obvious in the long term that the world will demand convergent standards to be adopted in order to responsibly grow the # of shared micro mobility vehicles in cities from thousands to the 10’s or 100's of thousands.

Nick Foley
ex-VP JUMP Hardware @ Uber

Lowest Charging Cost

Access the lowest possible cost of charging and the most environmentally friendly operations while driving utilization through end-user swapping.

Teleport Battery System

A safe, green and smart battery build on an open source standard.
Use your existing suppliers and have it certified for use in the Teleport Battery swapping network or lease a pre-certified battery from our financing partners for a low monthly installment.

Join the Mobility Revolution

By installing a battery swapping station at your location, you support the transition to walkable cities free of pollution.
Your customers will benefit from the added convenience of having more charged vehicles in your area.

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